Monday, December 7, 2015

Hello Pure and Simple Wellness Audience!
We are now in the thick of it. December is upon us and the holiday madness is in full effect. It's easy to get overwhelmed during this month because of all the company parties, gift shopping, cookie making, school recitals, cold and flu, etc. It's enough to make even the most calm of spirits loose her mind. How do we get through it... we just do. Some how it all gets done in the short amount of time between Thanksgiving and New Years. Not only do we survive to tell the tale, but we actually make some pretty amazing memories in the process. Even when I have those moments where I feel like I can't wait for January to come so I can go back to some sort of normal routine, I just remind myself how much I love seeing the sparkle in the eyes of my kids this season. There really is nothing better than hearing their laughter as they watch Polar Express for the 100th time or hearing their gasps as they run out to see what Santa has left for them. As much as December is crazy stressful, it's just plain magical too.
Of course as a Board Certified Health Coach, I want all my readers to "keep their eye on the ball" and stay healthy this month, but I also want all of you to enjoy yourselves. Have a slice of pie and enjoy every bite. That is what life is all about. Just don't eat the whole pie! As I explained in the November newsletter, the secret to staying healthy during the holidays (and all year round) is about avoiding sugar, alcohol, and starchy carbs. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy them on occasion and in moderation. The most important advice I can give anyone during the holiday madness is to try and take a few minutes each day to meditate and make sure you get enough good quality sleep. That's the ticket folks; meditate and sleep and you will thrive!

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Happy holidays to all of you and look for my 12-Day Detox launch in January.
Yours in health,
Jennifer Mattinson