Saturday, April 16, 2016

I just had a great experience at Jamba Juice!

Any nutritionist or health coach would caution people about ordering smoothies.  Lots of added sugar.  I haven't even been inside a Jamba Juice in years, but a new one just opened a few blocks from my house, so I took my kids inside.  Here is how different the new Jamba is from the old Jamba I remember from 10+ years ago...

1. They now have fresh pressed juices.  That's right!  I stood and watched while the sales rep put fresh green veggies and fruits into the juicer and it seeped out beautifully into my cup.  NO added sugar!  You can even customize it and request half the amount of fruit and twice the amount of veggies for more nutrient density!  It was just as delicious as the juices I make in my own kitchen.  My kids loved it too!

2.  They now have smoothies that have veggies in them.  Now, here is where you need to be careful.  For my kids I ordered "Apple N Greens."  I asked the sales rep what the liquid base was for this smoothie.  She said, "apple juice."  I asked her if it was fresh pressed apple juice or jarred apple juice (in other words, the kind with tons of added sugar.) No shock when she said the jarred kind, but my jaw dropped to the floor when she offered to juice a few apples for me and use that instead!  I said, "hell yeah!"  The result... drastic drop in sugar, drastic increase in nutrient density.  Still incredible flavor.  I even added a "Kale Boost." - I watched the sales rep open the fridge, pull out a few crispy, beautiful kale leaves and add them to the blender!  No joke!

My kids devoured their smoothies!

I urge all of you to find a Jamba Juice near you. Next time you have a hankering for Starbucks, go get a Jamba instead.  Just be smart about how you order and politely ask questions about the ingredients.  If you order a smoothie that contains orange juice, just ask them to juice a few fresh oranges instead of using the "Minute Maid" carton from the fridge.  They are happy to oblige and you will be pleasantly surprised.